Two Illustrations for the New York Times

I created two illustrations for the New York Times, so far this spring.  They were both RUSH jobs, and got my adreneline working.  Good for my heart! The first one, about Coop and Condo owners faced with losing tax abatements, ran on March 31st in the Real Estate Section.  

The second illustration was for the Style section, on Thursday April 25.  It was about an app called Tinder, that lets users find potential 'dates' near their location! Very popular with 20 somethings, they say.  (Being older than 30... I hadn't known.)

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, the flowers are blooming and the pollen is flying.  I take studio breaks in my little garden with my dog.  He watches squirrels (avidly) and I enjoy the sun on my face.  Spring in Brooklyn always feels well earned, after the winter.  Now, back to work!






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